Recycling Waste Management

There were changes to the landfill regulations which took effect in October 2007. (All waste has to be treated before being disposed off at landfill sites). We take pride in providing a service were you can be confident the waste going into our skip containers is separated and recovered to our full potential.

AB Waste has implemented an innovative, bespoke designed recycling system for our transfer station. This now creates more capacity to recover maximum percentages capable for recycling.

This recycling system is the future of our industry and will easily handle construction, demolition,  industrial, household and garden waste, ensuring your different waste types will all get the same treatment!!

recycling stage 1

Stage 1

Once the skip is collected, the waste is brought back to our transfer station were the skip is tipped up for an initial inspection.
The recycling staff will then retrieve any large recyclable materials before the rest of the waste is pushed into our sorting bays. This is the pre-sorting stage.

Once this is done the grab loader will feed the hopper with the remaining waste.

recycling stage 2Stage 2

The waste will travel up the incline belt (which is covered to protect the environment from dust and litter) and into the trommel screener.

The inert soils and fine hardcore will fall out at this stage of the process into the holding bay below. These materials will be sent for further treatment for hardcore.

Stage 3

recycling stage 3

The waste travels along the conveyor belt were our trained recycling operatives pick the remaining recyclables off the belt.

They place the materials down a chute to the designated bin underneath.

The material left travels under a magnetic belt which retrieves any ferrous materials.

Stage 4

recycling stage 4

Once the waste has travelled through all the systems it falls into a bay at the end were an air knife blows back any remaining rubbish to produce clean hardcore which is then sent for recycling.

We are greatly aware of our responsibility to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ and help with the countries recycling future. The investment we have made provides extra confidence to our customers that the waste is getting the best treatment whether it is at pre sorting stage or at the final process.

At present we recycle and recover the largest variety of waste within the area and with the new improved transfer/recycling station we can confidently say that we are the biggest and the best!

The list below is materials which we divert away from landfill for recycling;

• Soil and hardcore
• Tiles and slate
• Timber and pallets
• Chipboard, m.d.f. and plywood
• Cardboard and paper
• Scrap metals and aluminium, lead, copper, brass
• Green waste (hedging, tree branches, etc)
• Plasterboard
• Upvc window and door frames
• Electric cables and wires
• Hard plastics
• Clothes bank
• Batteries