Treatment Of Waste – Landfill Regulations and Recycling Percentages

AB Waste Disposal has a transfer station which includes two warehouses, waste hopper, conveyor belts, soil screener, recycling picking station, magnets and automatic air knife on a 3 acre site. ALL our customers skips are tipped and sorted by hand and machinery on our site. We at AB Waste are dedicated to recovering materials for recycling and always looking to reduce the waste going to landfill.

All the waste which enters our transfer station is recorded and monitored. This includes every skip that is tipped and every container which goes out.

Our system is environment agency approved, and allows us to see were improvements can be made with our outgoing materials. AB Waste percentages for our materials recycled are estimated, through average weights, monitoring and recordings.

Wood 99% (1% to landfill)
Inert Materials 99% (1% to landfill)
Green Waste 95% (5% to landfill)
Scrap metals/aluminium 95% (5% to landfill)
Cardboard 90% (10% to landfill)
Upvc Window Frames 90% (10% to landfill)
Plasterboard 100% (0% to landfill)
Gas and Water Pipes 90% (5% to landfill)
Cables and Wiring 95% (5% to landfill)
Chipboard, MDF, Plywood 95% (5% to landfill)
Hard Plastics 95% (5% to landfill)

The percentages of the waste above which goes to landfill is through contamination of materials, e.g. paint, mixed materials (tar on chipboard).

AB Waste is greatly aware of our responsibility to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ and help with the countries recycling future. You can be confident that your waste is sorted for recycling by our staff and with our machinery to a very high standard. If you have any question or would like to arrange a site visit please call us and we will be happy to help.