skip fun facts - Ab Waste

You might be surprised to know that the first commercial skip was introduced in the 1960s. However, people had already designed carts and wagons to serve an almost identical function. Previous skip clones were often expensive to hire/obtain and hard work to function, as there were not trucks or heavy machinery that could shift such weight.

When skips (or their equivalent) were first used commercially, their hire rate was slightly cheaper than what you may find online these days. Skips came in one size, and cost roughly £5 to hire-out and an extra 3 shillings for each day of rental. Considering the price, this was actually fairly expensive in the 60s, so it was only the wealthy who had the privilege of using skips to clear their waste. Not only was the hire-out expensive but you also had to pay 7 shillings for your waste to be transported to a dumping site!


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